Seit Oktober 2008 gehört das KFG dem Verbund der MINT-EC Schulen an.

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Welcome to the homepage of  our school, the Kaiserin-Friedrich-Gymnasium in Bad Homburg, Germany.

Why are we called "Empress Frederick School" ?

Princess Victoria was the first child of Queen Victoria of England and her husband Prince Albert. She was made Princess Royal of England in 1841. Through her marriage to Crown Prince Frederick she became Empress of Germany and Queen of Prussia.
After her husband's untimely death of cancer she took her husband's name as a reaffirmation of her power and her love for her husband. In 1901 she became the patroness of our school which was then named in her honour.

Why does the German name refer to the school as a "gymnasium"?

Contrary to the English denotation the German term "Gymnasium" has nothing to do with sports,  but refers to an academically demanding grammar school . Students enter our school after primary school at the age of 10. and graduate 8 years later with the "Abitur",  the German equivalent of the International Baccalaureate.